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First PREMIER® Bank Alerts

First PREMIER® Bank has enhanced our customer communications options. We now offer real-time credit card alerts that can be received either on mobile phones and/or to email addresses. See the details below and enroll today!

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Credit Card Alerts


Text Messaging

Receive real-time alerts about your credit card transactions. Alerts can be sent to mobile phones and/or email addresses. You can register up to 5 email addresses or mobile phone numbers.

·  Get an alert for purchases over a dollar amount
·  Get an alert before your payment is due
·  Get an alert when you are approaching your credit line
·  Get an alert when a purchase is made out of the US
·  Get an alert when a name change occurs on your account
·  Get an alert when your PIN is changed
·  Get an alert when your card is not present at the point of sale

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First PREMIER Mobile Banking Easy to use text messaging allows you to check your current account balance, recent transactions, and payment history. Send a text message (to 62465) and within seconds receive a response to the information in your request.

Text commands

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First Premier Mobile Banking