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Mobile Banking
Mobile Banking
Mobile Banking

Welcome to F&M Bank Debit Card Alerts

Enroll to receive real-time text* and email alerts to help you manage and control your debit card transactions. Choose from a variety of alerts customized to fit your needs. You can have up to 5 different mobile numbers and/or email addresses receive an alert. Enroll and manage your Debit Card Alerts today.
* F&M Bank does not charge for this service; however your wireless carrier may charge you. Refer to Terms & Conditions.

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Mobile Banking
Mobile Banking
Mobile Banking

Purchase Alerts   Control Options   Fraudulent Activity Alerts
Offers peace of mind by providing real-time text* and email alerts that help you monitor your debit card for potential fraud.
Additional features include :

·  Customizable alerts let you monitor activities, such as online and telephone purchases, international or out-of-state transactions, and pay-at-the-pump transactions.
·  Receive alerts for purchases greater than a preset dollar amount

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Mobile Banking Automatically declines specific transactions like travel related purchases (for example, airline and hotel reservations), online purchases, and transactions made outside of a certain time frame (for example, before 8:00AM and after 10:00PM)** based on controls you choose.

·  ** All times are Central Time (CT) US

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Mobile Banking In addition to the Purchase Alerts and Control Options available to you, your debit card is automatically enrolled in our Fraud Alert system. When potential fraud is detected, we will notify you via text, email or telephone to verify the suspect transaction.

·  No enrollment necessary for the fraud activity alert.
·  Fast notification of potentially fraudulent transactions.
Once potential fraud has been detected, we may block further use of your debit card in certain situations until we receive confirmation from you that the requested transaction was legitimate.
Mobile Banking
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